Boot Camps

Our Farm Tough Boot Camp is the ultimate team builder and just what you need to build team chemistry for your hockey season. Ignite a deeper desire and passion for the squad. Coaches divide players into 3 teams to compete in our Farm Tough Games, an olympic style competition to bring out the best in everyone.

Teams will battle and compete in tons of events like dodge ball, shooting games, assault bike, long jump, box jumps, pull-up’s and special Farm Tough outdoor events: Tug of war, Tire rolls, Tire Flips, Wheel Barrow tire stack, Push-up conveyor belt and capture the flag!

Players will be pushed. Teams will be tested. One team will be named Farm Tough Champion. Boot Camps run year round. Many prefer to do them in the Pre-Season, August-October. Others choose to do them during Winter Break as a way to build some momentum into the second half of the season.

There is never a bad time for a Farm Tough Boot Camp. We do them year round!

Boot Camps are normally 4 hours. They can be paired down to 2 hours too.

Contact Peter Dale to learn more and get your team to the Farm!

Please let us know how we can help!

Peter Dale



2023 Fall Boot Camps

2023 Fall Boot Camps

October 14: Brookfield Glaciers, 2-6pm

October 15: MJA U14 Girls, 12-4pm

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