Summer Programs

Our Summer Training Focus is simple. We train On-Ice in Small Groups. We train Off-Ice in Small Groups. This is the BEST way to move the needle for athletes. We are able to increase the number of reps and touches. We are able to push players past their comfort zone and motivate them to want to be better! We help plant the seeds to create long term positive habits. We combine hard work, discipline and effort in a fun filled supporting environment!

On-Ice Training

On the ice, we create a curriculum each year around what we feel is most lacking in youth hockey and how we can get the most out of our training sessions.

We train for 6 weeks, 2x/week.

The First Session of each week, we call a ’No Pressure’ Day. We work on building the skill/fundamental and work on movement patterns. We progress from Stationary to Movement!

The Second Session of each week, we call a ‘Pressure’ Day. The game is played FAST. We need to be able to execute these skills at a fast and high pace to better replicate a game. It’s not just moving fast, but thinking fast…seeing the rink better, finding open lanes and making quicker decisions.

Off-Ice Training

Off the Ice, we are on a mission to connect the dots for each athlete. Operation Athlete (OA)Training connects the mental with the physical to create the complete player, the best version of you. In fact, better than you ever thought possible. 

OA is a proven training system unlike anything you have done before! The goal is simple. Be your BEST. Play your BEST! On the rink, on the court or on the field. We do this through our OA PLEX Training. It is a proven formula for success. 

We will maximize your performance that will 100% transfer to your sport! OA is Speed, Quickness, Jumping, Strength, Grit, Stamina and Energy Endurance. When you become an athlete you can do anything! At Operation Athlete, we make athletes…better!

Please let us know what we can do to help!

Peter Dale



Summer Programs

We have two amazing Summer Programs!  

- Small Group On-Ice Training: Tues/Thurs at Eble

- Operation Athlete (OA) Sports Performance   training at the Farm: Mon/Wed

Download the Summer Flyer below!

Email: to get on our list to be contacted about the programs!

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