OA Sports Performance

We are on a mission to connect the dots for each athlete. Operation Athlete (OA) Training connects the mental with the physical to create the complete player, the best version of you. In fact, better than you ever thought possible. 

Operation Athlete is a proven training system unlike anything you have done before! The goal is simple. Be your BEST. Play your BEST! On the rink, on the court or on the field. We do this through our OA PLEX Training. It is a proven formula for success. We will maximize your performance that will 100% transfer to your sport! 

OA is Speed, Quickness, Jumping, Strength, Grit, Stamina and Energy Endurance. When you become an athlete you can do anything! 

We Make Athletes…Better!

You can train 1on1 or in a Small Group. OA Training runs year round.

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