Residence Camps

All year round I have athletes out from all over the world to train with me. Its SOO MUCH FUN! My approach is a bit different…its like going away to camp but living with the head instructor! These are not pre-scheduled. They are set up according to the needs of the athlete. You can come from 3-5 Days. International players will often come longer! Many times I have players arrive on a Thursday, Train Fri-Sat-Sun and head back on Monday. We can be creative and work to find something that makes sense for both of us!

My training program focuses on 4 key areas


- Need to get a baseline on current strengths/weaknesses

- We will focus on training at game pace, quick decision making, small space work for better play

OA Sports Performance

- Need to get a baseline on where athlete is with strength, balance, flexibility, etc…

- We will create a few workouts they can do at home to address these needs

- We will go through a morning stretch/foam roll program to start everyday!

Mental Toughness

- We want to create a system/way of thinking and approaching sports, schools and life situations

 - We will identify strengths and weaknesses as well as goals: short term/long term

 - We will work with positive reinforcement, positive talk and visualization


- We want to identify current habits, likes, dislikes, etc…

- We want to set in motion some new habits…understand pre-game, post-game fuel options/the importance of food and hydration

- We look at schedule to create fuel blocks: Meals or Snacks

In addition to the above I like athlete’s to outline 3 specific focus goals to target while here. We will add those items to our target training development!

We normally end up training about 4-6 hours per day!

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Peter Dale



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