On-Ice/Off-Ice Skills

This is our bread and butter and where we excel! Whether you are looking for Pre-Season, In-Season or Off-Season work we can help you push past your comfort zone to create positive, long term habits that translate to better game play on the rink. Our On-Ice Training takes place over Winter Break and Summer Break.

Our Off-Ice Training runs year round. We do ALL our training on inline skates. We have a full run of Marsblade skates, the closest thing to being on the ice. It makes the transition to the ice much more seamless and it's so much fun!! You will be amazed at what we can accomplish during these training sessions.

You can train 1on1 or in a Small Group.

Our In-Season Training Groups start in October after Columbus Day and runs 10-12 weeks. You can bring your own group or join a group if space is available.

Contact Peter Dale to learn more!

Why we are so successful with our Training

Deep Practice Formula

Try, Fail, Improve, Master

For genuine improvement your player must push past his or her comfort zone.

Effort Based Language

Direct and constructive communication through repetition to gain confidence in small continuous steps.

Positive Reinforcement

 Igniting the desire to improve.

Growth and change blossom in an encouraging environment.

Structure and Discipline

Personal accountability with clear rules and expectations.


In-Season SKILLS Flyer

Please let us know how we can help!

Peter Dale



In-Season Small Groups

Monday: 5pm: U10 Girls 6pm: MJA Girls 7pm: HS Girls 8pm: HS Boys

Tuesday: 1-1 Sessions 

Wednesday: 6pm: Mixed Group 7pm: Elmbrook PWA 8pm: HS Boys

Thursday: 5:30pm: Girls 3 6:45pm: Girls 2 7:45pm: Girls 1

Interested in joining a group, bringing a group or being a sub? Email: Peter@FarmToughHockey.com                                              

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